Your purchase makes an impact

Our highly concentrated products are designed lighter and smaller to consume less material and less fuel to ship. Our packaging is free of petroleum derived plastics, which reduces petroleum demand. Our vision is to develop a supply chain which produces zero emissions and waste. That’s not a reality right now, so what we can’t eliminate, we offset by 2x. Through carbon auditing, we calculate the total CO2 emissions of every step of production and shipping our products to your doorstep. Then we work with climate-focused groups like Gold Standard to support impactful projects that we care about. That means that every Lazy Coconuts purchase helps support those projects and helps keep CO2 out of the air.

You supported these impactful projects

woman cooking with new efficient cookstove in Malawi, funded by Lazy Coconuts impact carbon offsets
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Efficient Cookstoves in Malawi

We absolutely love this project, which involves distributing energy efficient cook stoves in Malawi. Many households there are still relying on open fires to cook and purify water, which are very inefficient! They consume more wood, and produce more CO2. They’re usually inside and produce a ton of smoke which is regularly inhaled and causes long term disease. The new cookstoves are shown to be more than 50% more efficient and reduce indoor smoke by 80%, a big win for health and the environment. Thanks for your help buying more cookstoves!

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Geothermal energy in El Salvador

Geothermal energy is an awesome source of electricity, especially in places with plentiful heat flowing under the ground. Fun fact, Iceland has the largest percentage of renewable energy production of any country in the world, with a whopping 65% of total energy coming from geothermal. El salvador is also sitting on some massive heat, with 20 volcanos inside of it’s tiny borders. All that heat could be harnessed for good if there’s money to do it. This project is helping to provide that much needed investment as El Salvador’s demand for energy continues to rise due to growth, providing local jobs at the same time. Thanks for your help supporting sustainable energy production!

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