The world’s easiest laundry detergent that leaves earth as clean as your clothes

Biodegradable, zero plastic, recyclable packaging, vegan, fragrance free.

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Have you heard that liquid detergents are as much as 90% water? All that water is heavy to ship around the world and to your door. It takes a lot more energy and fuel. That’s why we took the water out. What’s left is our ultra concentrated detergent that is light in your hands and on the earth.

Our packaging is 100% cardboard, our strips are 0% plastic and larger than other strips on the market. Like nature, no cleanup necessary. Lazy is best. No liquid, no mess. Compact and easy to carry. Use them at home, in the dorm, or when you travel. And try to have fun. :)

Get Lazy!

Over 20x lighter than liquid detergent

A standard 92oz bottle of liquid detergent gets 48 loads. That liquid alone is over 20x the weight of one pack of Lazy Coconuts laundry detergent strips. That saves a lot of fuel when transporting.

Strips are over 20x lighter than liquid detergent
Illustration of strip is perforated in the center

1 strip: Small loads
2 strips: Large & soiled loads

Photo of strip perforated in the center Photo of strip dissolving

How to use?

  • Clothes put inside a frontloading washing machine
    Put clothes in
  • Strip put inside a frontloading washing machine
    Put strips in
  • Washing machine on with strip inside
  • Works in all machines, including HE
  • Great for hand washing
  • Easy on sensitive skin
  • Septic safe
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Dissolves instantly
  • No liquid to measure
  • No sticky bottles
  • No spills
  • No plastic
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Why go zero plastic?

Plastics have revolutionized our world. For example, cheap, configurable, single-use plastics used for medical purposes can save lives. But not all uses of plastic are wise or sustainable. Consumer products and packaging made for convenience are of questionable overall value. And plastics may have serious implications for human and environmental health.

We created Lazy Coconuts™ because we want to be a part of the solution. With more eco friendly products available, it’s becoming easier to make choices that keep our planet clean. The real power is in your hands. Your purchases drive product innovation and force companies to address real environmental problems.


Plastics may affect our health

A growing body of literature suggests that plastics and their byproducts may be toxic. In many studies, BPA (Bisphenol A) has been shown to be endocrine disrupting, and to cause metabolic syndromes. Other plastics may have adverse health effects too.
DNA helix

“Transforming fossil fuel into plastic resins and additives releases carcinogenic and other highly toxic substances into the air.”

“Documented effects of exposure to these substances include impairment of the nervous system, reproductive and developmental problems, cancer, leukemia, and genetic impacts like low birth weight. Industry workers and communities neighboring refining facilities are at greatest risk and face both chronic exposures.”

Huge amounts of plastic are entering the ocean

Chart of metric tons of plastic entering the ocean
Chart of metric tons of plastic entering the ocean

Almost half the plastic ever manufactured was made since 2000 and it’s exponential

Chart of metric tons of plastic entering the ocean
Chart of % of plastic used for single use packaging

Approximately 42% of all plastic usage is for single use packaging.

Purchasing products without plastic increases demand for better packaging and forces innovation in packaging.

Cleanup will be challenging

“I am very doubtful about the cost-effectiveness and technical feasibility of large-scale removal. How are we going to remove floating micro-plastics without removing plankton which have the same size and form the base of the food web? How are we going to collect plastics from the ocean floor given that the average depth of the ocean is 14,000 feet?”

- Roland Geyer, Jambeck Research Group

“We know how to design waste management systems, but waste management is not just a design problem, it is also has social and cultural dimensions.”

- Jenna R. Jambeck, Jambeck Research Group

We can do better

We got tired of buying plastic products that come in plastic packaging and decided to do something about it. For us, out of sight is not out of mind. We imagine a world free of plastics and full of plentiful renewable energy that can sustain itself indefintely. Join us!

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