Date Night: 68 & Boston and Big Easy (London)

Date Night 68 & Boston and Big Easy Dinner Wine London

Just noticed I’ve reached 100 subscribers – that’s awesome…thanks everyone! I’m really glad I decided to start blogging again as it’s been a great distraction from the stress of paper deadlines (good or bad thing who knows) – here’s to many more fun and interesting posts 🙂 Sooooo….Tuesday night was date night and I had such a wicked time thanks to all the wine and UNLIMITED shrimp…oh and the company of course 😉 I want to share with you guys two fabulous go-to places that I love in central London….

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How to Write a First Class Essay

How to write a first class essay

I’ve been at university for the past six years, and during that time, I have only once ever received a mark lower than a high 2:1 (65%). The majority of my grades are over 70%, and today I’m going to share with you the process I go through when creating an essay. I say creating because I see an essay as a piece of individual art. Although my process may not necessarily be the perfect fit for you, I hope that it will inspire you to try out new approaches that will eventually help you to write the perfect essay…

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Bali in February

Kuta beach heritage hotel Bali pool
The rooftop pool at our hotel

“Hey, btw it’s the rainy season right now in Bali”, is what I texted my boyfriend a week before our departure and AFTER everything had been paid for. I have no idea why we didn’t bother to check rainfall for this time of year, but it was something we had to move past so that we could continue to enjoy the anticipation of our holiday. After enduring a not-as-bad-as-expected 17 and a half hour journey, we arrived in Bali at around midnight. Boy, was it hot and humid! One or two awkward tipping situations and an overpriced taxi fare later (the airport taxis have a monopoly on journeys departing from the airport), we finally found ourselves at our hotel. Looking back now, I have no idea why we thought a 1.30am wander about the streets outside the hotel was a good idea but that is indeed what we did. Hey ho. There wasn’t really much going on so we went to bed, worried sick about what the weather had in store for us the next day.

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5 Things I’ve Learnt On My Powerlifting Journey So Far

Powerlifting Women Female Deadlift UK
90kg deadlift at 48.5kg bodyweight

Six months ago I had no idea that I would soon be preparing for my first powerlifting competition. In fact, up until April last year, running was my sport of choice and I had never even touched a barbell or gone anywhere near a squat rack. I remember the first time I had a session with a personal trainer at my old gym; I feebly pointed at the rack and asked him if he could show me how it works (I’m literally laughing so hard right now writing this). Around that time I learnt to squat and deadlift but refused to go anywhere near the bench press because I was scared of it (or rather, scared of not being able to bench). Anyway, after this slight dabbling, I started working full-time in an office and without any structure, direction, or goals in the gym, I pretty much slacked off for the whole summer.

When I started my Masters in October, I decided to use this as an opportunity to get back in the gym. I joined the university’s Barbell Club and treated myself to a small block of personal training sessions. Although my sessions were more focused on training for physique rather than powerlifting, they massively increased my confidence in the gym and put me into a goal-oriented mindset. Once my block ended, I transitioned onto a tailored powerlifting programme provided by the club’s coach, and it was then I would say that my powerlifting journey began. Here are a few important lessons I’ve learnt so far that have helped me stay healthy and focused in the gym…Read More »