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Mouthwash tablets kit

Mouthwash tablets kit

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Our mouthwash tablets are a great low-waste, plastic-free alternative to traditional mouthwash. Each kit comes with a pack of 60 tablets, a silicon cup with 10ml measure line, and a silicon container for storing 60 tablets. No more big plastic jugs and perfect for traveling, these tiny tablets are easy and fun to use; alcohol-free with natural menthol and thymol antiseptic oral cleansers, they're super gentle on your mouth. No burn doesn't mean they're not working!

Kit comes in 100% compostable, recyclable cardboard box. Tablet refill comes in kraft outer bag (home compostable) with PLA lining derived from corn (compostable in specialized facility).


Fill a cup with 10ml of water, drop a tablet in and wait around 1 minute until dissolved completely. Swish in mouth for 30 seconds, then spit.

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